( Note---All multiple choice questions and answers must contain references and cross-references as to identify and validate the authenticity and canonization that is to be found in the authentic manga text, and the authorized anime media. Trivia based on conjecture, opinion, and popular belief, or without references, will be removed. )

Multiple Choice Trivia Answers

Question 1) What did Shuichi wear ?

Answer---(C)---Shuichi changed into and wore a girl's sailor suit to go window shopping. ( Anime Reference---Episode 1, Subtitled, timing @ 8:45---9:28 & 11:59---13:59 )

Question 2) What role did Shuichi play in the production of Romeo and Juliet ?

Answer---(D)---Shuichi was assigned to be the Narrator. ( Anime Reference---Episode 6, Subtitled, timing @ 11:30---11:59 & 12:49---13:16 )

Question 3) When Yuki met Yoshino, what did Yuki try and do ?

Answer---(A)---Yuki tried to 'pick up' Yoshino for a date, because she thought that Yoshino was such a handsome and attractive boy. ( Anime Reference---Episode 1, Subtitled, timing @ 11:30---11:55 )

Question 4) At the Karaoke Studio, what drink did Saori ask Anna to get for her ?

Answer---(C)---A draft beer. ( Anime Reference---Episode 8, Subtitled, timing @ 18:00---18:47 )

Question 5) Where did Fumiya take Shuichi after they met at the levee ?

Answer---(B)---Fumiya took Shuichi to the Christian Church that Fumiya belongs to. ( Anime Reference---Episode 10, Subtitled, timing @ 16:37---17:29 )

Question 6) On their date together, what does Anna buy for Shuichi in the zoo's gift shop ?

Answer---(A)---Anna bought Shuichi a key chain trinket that resembled an odd looking animal. ( Anime Reference---Episode 7, Subtitled, timing @ 12:58---13:36 )

Question 7) What did Shuichi's Father tell them privately ?

Answer---(C)---Shuichi was told that at their birth, that maybe the family got their gender identity 'backwards'. Anime Episode 10, Subtitled, timing @ 00:04---01:24 )

Question 8) On the day that Shuichi came to school dressed as a girl, wearing a girl's sailor fuku, where was she taken to by the teachers ?

Answer---(D)---Shuichi was taken to the Nurses' Station, to be alone until her Mom came and got her.

Question 9) What did Saori do when Shuichi was insulted by a male classmate ?

Answer---(A)---Saori took a textbook, and coming from behind, hit the male student over the head, enough to knock him to the floor. Anime Reference---Episode 1, Subtitled, timing @ 05:56---06:43 )