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" You leave Chi alone ! Chi is MY friend !!! "


Personality & Story

Momoko is a childhood friend and classmate in junior high school of Chizuru; she is nicknamed Momo. Momo has a very strong attraction to Chi, in fact, Momo idolizes Chi in everything. She constantly hangs around Chizuru, constantly looks up to her, and is visibly annoyed when Chi socializes with others, or even if someone simply sits too close to her. Due to Momo's unwavering loyalty to Chi, Momo defends Chi in any and all situations, even if Chizuru is sometimes in the wrong. Momo has a clear-cut personality; either it is so, or it isn't so, with little or no middle ground. Momoko dislikes Saori, and will inevitably start arguing with Saori if provoked. This oftentimes revels Momo's sharp, quick anger, since Saori does not particularly respect Chizuru in social situations. In this, Momo shows her 'us vs. them' traits, and combative nature, that serve her well.


In the Japanese language, the first name "Momoko" is feminine, and means peach child.