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Gender Neutral Pronouns will occasionally be used on this wikia when referring to a transgender character when that character is presenting as their perceived birth gender, and not their correct gender. Regular pronouns will be used when the character is presenting as their correct gender. The following Regular Pronouns and Gender Neutral Pronouns will be used---

! | Nominative (subject) | Objective (object) | Possessive determiner | Possessive Pronoun | Reflexive

He   He laughed            I called him             His eyes gleam               That is his                   He likes himself

She She laughed           I called her             Her eyes gleam               That is hers                She likes herself

They   They laughed      I called them          Their eyes gleam             That is theirs              They like themselves

Ze (or zie) and hir

            Ze laughed         I called hir               Hir eyes gleam               That is hirs                 Ze likes hirself