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Shuuichi is at the home of Yuki and Shiina. Shuuichi is in male mode, and dressed in the male school uniform. Of course, Yuki is fawning all over Shuuichi, much to the annoyance of Shiina. He wants to know if Yuki is so infatuated with Shuuichi because it reminds herself of when she transitioned from male to female so long ago ? Well, maybe. Yuki admits that Shuuichi is so cute and adorable, even as a perceived male. Yuki recalls that she wanted to be seen as cute and attractive back then, even though it meant that she would be harassed for trying to do so. She apologizes for her indulgence in past memories. Yuki then asks Shuuichi if they are still not speaking to Yoshino ? More or less. Has Shuuichi made any new friends ? Shuuichi remains quiet, then mentions that they have to go now. Outside, Shuuichi ponders over the question put to them.....Have you made any new friends ?

Next school day, Sasa is eagerly scanning the new classroom assignments. Happily, she sees that she will be in the same class as Yoshino. Shuuichi and Makoto are elsewhere, sitting by themselves, also looking at the assignment sheets. They, too, will be in the same class together. Nearby, Saori and her mother are reading the assignment sheets. Mom announces that Saori will be in the same class as Shuuichi. Later, the whole class is assembled to hear a welcoming speech. The speech drones on and on, thereby boring many of the students. The assembly program turns into an introduction of all of the teachers. But the real attention is elsewhere. A student standing next to Makoto directs his gaze over to a new student. Is that a boy or a girl ? Soon, Yoshino's attention is captured, and they look in the direction of the new student. Blimey ! The new one has long hair like a girl, has the facial features of a girl, but is wearing the boy's school uniform ! They are commenting to a student standing next to them, saying that they like long hair, but just decided to wear a boy's uniform to this special day of class, so I did so. Yoshino, who themselves wishes they could wear the boy's uniform at school, as they are a trans, is shocked and flabbergasted. Yoshino stares at the new kid with their mouth hanging open. Another nearby students whisper that has to be a boy, but one with long hair. Opinions then start coming fast and furious.

The next morning in their bedroom, Yoshino has awakened and laying in their bed, but their mind is going 'a hundred miles an hour'. They wonder what they should do about today, especially seeing a seemingly female student openly wearing a boy's school uniform, something that is not kosher at school. That new student was simply amazing. The voice inside Yoshino's mind screams; I AM GOING TO ALSO WEAR A BOY'S UNIFORM TO SCHOOL TODAY ! Yoshino gets up out of bed, goes to their closet, selects a boy's uniform, and dresses in it. Yoshino then looks at themselves in their full-length mirror, then collapses to the floor, pounding it with their fists. Their mind screams at them; I can't go to school dressed like this, no matter how much I want to. If I do, it will only look like I am sheepishly copying that brave student. The time to successfully do something like that has already passed. It should have been done yesterday, if done at all. I not brave enough to 'push back the boundaries' today, or anytime for that matter. Yet I want to become someone who can do so, I want that so, so badly !

That morning at school, surprisingly, the new student, now obviously presenting as a girl, wearing the girl's school uniform, can be seen in the locker area. Another girl is with her, following the new student. Both come upon Yoshino at their locker. 'Good Mornings' are exchanged. The new student introduces herself as Chizuru Sarashina. The smaller girl with Chizuru is Momoko Shirai. Yoshino returns the introductions by saying that they are Yoshino Takatsuki.

(to be continued......)

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